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Best Motor Cycle Modification for New Years 2011

Model number: Trike Motorcycle GS250
Product size: L: 84 H: 36 W: 44
Engine: 50cc( EPA approved )/110cc/ 125cc/150cc / 200cc( EPA approved ) single cylinder 4 stroke air cooling engine and 250cc (V-TWIN-CYLINDER)
Bore X Stroke(mm):
Starting: Kick and electric starter
MaxTorque(N. M. /r/min): 8000r/min
Ignition Type: CDI
Tank: 5L
Fork Buffed Billet Aluminum Springer Front End
Drive system: Chain
Transimmission: Auto or manual clutch
Wheel size: 2. 75-14 Chrome 20 low rider( DOT approved)
Back two 205/50-10 (wide tyre) with air-filled inner tube and Aluminum rim (10*7) ( DOT approved)
Brake(Front/Rear): Front brake: 220mm fluid drive disk brake and caliper ( DOT approved) Rear brake: Two 150mm fluid drive disk brake and caliper ( DOT approved)
Max. Speed: 80-120km/h
Max. Load: 300LBS
G. W. /N. W. (kg):
Carton Size:
Container: 40ft container: 48pcs
COLOR: Red, Blue, black 
 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Features: * Sporty Under Cowl for Better Aerodynamics with added style* Dials in Bright Yellow for Clear Daytime visibility* Cool Key Sporting The Mark Of The Race* Rear Shock Absorbers With A Dash Of Red* Sleek New Muffler Cover With A Classy Chrome Finish* Large Diameter Front Wheel Disc Brake* Flaunt Your Power With All 223cc* Bold New Graphics - The Art of Attracting

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Our friends at Hodinkee get the first look at the new Tudor Fastrider Chronograph for Ducati. The Fastride is outfitted with a nylon, steel, or leather strap and features a 42mm face. Pricing depends on the strap really. This is the first collaboration between the Ducati house and Tudor. ”This Ducati-themed Fastrider will not be a limited edition, but will be made in lower numbers than the standard production Fastrider.”

Hammarhead founder James Loughead’s latest gem is a custom Ural sT. The bike debuted in original form in May 2010, and Loughead has striped the already clean bike to bare essentials. His inspiration was drawn from Ural’s racing bikes of the 1940s, in some respect this custom giving new life to the brands heritage and tradition.
01. Three Generations At Nathan Liverant And Son
“”What do you think of that chair?” the proud, smiling dad said, looking down on his 3-year-old son, who quickly replied “Chippendale,” to the amazement of the couple standing in the room. Zeke Liverant probably thought “That’s my boy,” as he walked away from another house call with both the chair and Arthur in tow. Today Arthur tells that story, adding, “It was one of the first words I learned, not knowing it had anything to do with furniture, but was the names of the cartoon characters, Chip and Dale.
Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – this is a life size motorcycle constructed from feathers. What more can we say
Japanese tastemaker, The Real McCoys, bring back a classic. The brand “BUCO” was founded in 1933 by the Joseph Buegeleisen Company and they originally made motorcycle jackets, accessories and helmets. The resurgence of Buco is all thanks to the desingers at The Real McCoys. A recent release is the “J-100 Horsehide Leather Riders Jacket.” The exterior of the jacket is made of 100% “Genuine Horsehide leather” with a 100% Rayon full body lining. The jacket offers “TALON” zippers for the two chest pockets and sleeve pulls. A supreme jacket remade with talent. The jacket is available at BlueInGreen.

01. “So You Need a Typeface?” Poster
“Originally created for a class at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Copenhagen, and based on FontShop’s 100 Best Typefaces, Julian Hansen’s ‘So You Need a Typeface?’ became an instant online sensation with mentions in not just design blogs, but more mainstream outlets like MetaFilter, BuzzFeed and Lifehacker. And just like Hollywood studios pick-up hot indie flicks here and there, production mavens Scribble on Everything” (fpo)
02. Gorgeous , the Geotagger’s World Atlas
“The maps are ordered by the number of pictures taken in the central cluster of each one. This is a little unfair to aggressively polycentric cities like Tokyo and Los Angeles, which probably get lower placement than they really deserve because there are gaps where no one took any pictures.” flickr (coudal)
03. It’s Not a Motorcycle, Baby. It’s a Mobile Barbecue Pit. (above)
“When we heard that RUB was commissioning Orange County Chopper, of American Chopper fame, to make a mobile barbecue pit, we thought it was a pretty cool idea. We expected it to be a novelty, like a two-headed kitten or the world’s largest ball of string. Nothing prepared us for the mind-numbing coolness of the actual RUB Chopper: The restaurant’s owner, Andrew Fischel, correctly characterizes as ‘the sickest, baddest thing in the world.’ ” (2007) (newyork)
04. Pitchfork Guide to Summer Festivals
“Memorial Day weekend is here in just a few hours, which means summer unofficially starts right about now. Among many other awesome things, that means we’re now heading straight into summer festival season.
Fans of McQueen and moto-riders alike will appreciate this commemorative helment from TAG Heuer. “TAG Heuer has come out with a limited edition motorcycle helmet also inspired by the King of Cool, who wore a Heuer Monaco watch in the film. The retro-styled fiberglass helmet, which features a racing stripe matching the colors on McQueen’s driving gear, vintage Heuer logo, steel hardware and leather trim, is priced at about $650
Based in Philadelphia, PA, Hammarhead Industries is the baby of James Hammarhead. He’s turned his passion for 1950s motorcycles into a platform for his own creations. His bikes, like the above Woodsman 500, are lean and mean. They are minimalist rides inspired by the past and geared for modern urban life.
The Hammarhead site launched a few weeks back (and has been getting great press so far). All photography by my friend and neighbor Ryan Miller.
A closer look at the Woodsman 500, which is built off a Royal Enfield Electra X, after the jump.

2011 Ducati 848 EVO Motorcycle

Someone was just asking about a moto with a sidercar. Then out of the blue we received a mail from Ural Russian Motorcycles on their new 2WD Patrol bike with sidecar. “The new Ural Patrol T is an all-season sport utility motorcycle with the world’s only on-demand two-wheel-drive sidecar drive shaft. Originally designed to perform in cold, wet and icy off-road conditions in the Siberian wilderness, Urals maintain their authentic old-school appeal but are modern machines that deliver a durable and comfortable ride with advanced components ideal for any urban or off-road environment.” This moto retails for just under 12,300$US.
More looks at the Ural Patrol T Model 2WD Motorcycle with Sidecar after the click
How can you not want to get your hands on this moto banger. Meet the Ducati 848 EVO. “At its very core, the Ducati brand has always been all about a race-bred pedigree, and now amongst a pack of formidable competitors, the Italian company seeks to emerge on top of the middleweight battle by having the fittest steed in the paddock. Meet the new 848 EVO sport bike, which boasts performance upgrades aplenty over the previous 848. The heart of the new machine will beat to a faster tempo as a modified engine now churns out 140 horsepower and 72.3 pound-feet of twist before reaching its crescendo at 10,500 rpm. That’s up six ponies from the last 848.

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Teknologi Jaket Dgn Sistim Airbag

Jaket Motor - Sebenarnya yg satu ini sudah cukup lama tetapi layak disimak kembali dan juga karena ada produk barunya.

Hit Air adalah sebuah sistim air bag yg terpasang di dalam jaket motor pengendara motor utk mengurangi resiko kecelakaan pada saat si pengendara jatuh dari motornya.

Air bag yg ditanam di dalam jaket ini akan menggelembung ketika pemacu di jaket motor ditarik dan dgn bantuan tabung gas kecil yg ada di dalamnya, air bag akan menggelembung dalam waktu hanya 0,25 detik saja.

Pemicu yg ada biasanya disambung ke bagian depan motor jadi ketika anda jatuh atau terlepas dari motor, otomatis pemicu yg ada akan ketarik secara otomatis dan air bag akan berfungsi.

Penggunaan Hit Air ini sendiri menjamin akan mengurangi resiko cidera tulang belakang dan tulang leher anda.

Nah, berita barunya, Hit Air juga sekarang mengeluarkan produk sejenis tetapi khusus utk penunggang kuda.


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Tips Memilih Busana Batik Kesayangan Anda

Grosir Batik - Busana batik kini tak hanya didominasi para orangtua. Para desainer kian agresif merancang busana batik utk remaja. Batik pun hadir dalam berbagai model yg atraktif dan menarik terlebih lagi maraknya grosir batik di indonesia. Tapi tidak semua model dan corak batik cocok dgn kita. Utk tampil maksimal, Anda harus cerdas memilihnya. Berikut tipsnya:

· Bila Anda memiliki tubuh berkulit gelap, hindari batik yg bercorak gelap. Pilihlah batik dari grosir batik dgn warna cerah. Apalagi kini batik warna-warni mudah didapatkan di grosir- grosri batik. Batik Madura misalnya. Warna merah, ungu, hingga hijau yg berlatar putih akan membuat Anda terlihat lebih segar.

· Anda juga harus selektif memilih motif. Jangan asal suka dgn motifnya, lantas langsung membelinya. Pertimbangkan dgn bentuk tubuh. Hindari motif bunga-bunga besar bila Anda bertubuh plus size. Batik dgn corak floral kecil-kecil lebih cocok utk Anda.

· Potongan busana juga menjadi faktor penentu penampilan. Atasan berlengan pendek dgn potongan sederhana akan membuat Anda tampil chic dan trendi. Padukan dgn rok pendek polos warna senada. Pakailah aksesori etnik berbentuk sederhana. Dijamin Anda akan tampil beda.

· Perawatan batik juga tak kalah pentingnya. Jangan biarkan busana batik kusam karena Anda tak pandai merawatnya. Jangan mencuci dgn deterjen dan menjemurnya di bawah terik matahari.

Sumber: okezone.com

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Teknologi Mengubah Kolam Ikan Menjadi Kolam Renang

Kolam Renang - akhirnya rumah kami bisa ditaruh kolam renang walaupun sebenarnya lahan yg ada hanya cukup utk dibuat kolam ikan.

The Endless Pool adalah desain kolam renang mini yg sangat cocok utk lahan yg kecil sekalipun, minimal lahan sekitar 2,5 x 4,6 m.

Walaupun ukurannya kecil tetapi anda dapat berenang sejauh anda sanggup (makanya disebut Endless Pool).

Dgn menggunakan mesin yg membuat arus air yg cukup kuat (dapat diatur kekuatannya) maka sebenarnya anda berenang di tempat tetapi serasa berenang seperti biasanya (karena melawan arus)

Selain itu, Endless Pool juga dapat mengatur suhu air sehingga Endless Pool dapat ditaruh di tempat dgn udara dingin sekalipun.

Jadi tunggu apalagi, bongkar kolam ikan anda atau bahkan ruang tamu anda dan ubah jadi kolam renang mini ini.

Sumber: otakku.com

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